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Getting Started


Regular users don't need this, if you have no idea what you're doing and someone told you to give them your API key for example, don't do it, it could be used against you!


  • In these docs, we are only going to be using JavaScript, so make sure you have Node.js, also make sure you have it added to your Windows PATH
  • A good text (preferably code) editor like VS Code or Notepad++, we highly don't recommend coding in Notepad 😅
  • Have file extensions visible in the Windows explorer (or any other file explorer you might be using)
  • At least some basic knowledge about what you're doing, not everything will be explained to detail here


Let's start by making a folder. You can name it whatever you want. In that folder, open CMD by clicking on the explorer's addressbar and typing cmd.exe. Once CMD is opened, enter the following:

npm init -y

Remove the -y if you want to enter custom parameters, but that isn't necessary. The command should make a package.json file. You don't need to touch that file for now.

Now, let's install the module that can control our API and make it easy for us, with the following command:

npm i nodeactyl

Now, let's make a main file. It doesn't matter how you call it, I will call it main.js for example. Just remember that it needs to have the .js extension at the end.

This will be everything for this short "Getting Started" guide. Next time, we will show how to get an API key from the panel.